Learn Danish Language and Culture in a Danish Folk High School.

Welcome to Kalø!

Are you interested in Denmark? Would you like to learn how to speak Danish or become even better at it? Are you interested in Danish culture and our way of life?

At Kalø Folk High School you can become a student in our popular class Danish Language and Culture and get to know Denmark, become part of an international community and develop a network in Denmark with our Danish students. 

At Kalø Folk High School, you can learn the Danish language at a level that suits you. We offer language classes for complete beginners who wish to learn Danish and also classes for those who know a little Danish already but who wish to improve your skills and become more confident and fluent.

Maybe you dream of living, working and studying in Denmark in the future? Maybe you have a dual citizenship and wish to do a semester at a folk high school to prove your connection to Denmark? Or maybe you are just curious about Danish culture and language – and the very unique Danish experience it is to stay at a folk high school.

Learn a language by practicing it – and gain new knowledge and friends
At the school’s Danish Language and Culture class, we work with language in many different ways: We practice Danish conversation, pronunciation, listening skills and written Danish, focusing on reading and writing. All this to make you a capable user of the Danish language who is able to communicate with your surroundings.

As well as the language training, you as a student will be part of a number of cultural classes, introducing you to basic aspects of Danish culture. We will examine the Danish welfare society model, look at Danish traditions and try to grasp the Danish way of life- “hygge”, work/life balance, openness, gender equality and economics. At the same time, you will experience Denmark as we visit Danish kindergardens and workplaces, travel to Danish cities and cultural landmarks, enjoy the Danish nature and many other things.

Finally, as a student at Kalø Folk High School, you will try your hand in a lot of different elective classes. Here you can choose between active outdoor classes, sports, creative classes focusing on painting, drawing and crafts, music classes, debate classes, writing workshops and film or literature societies. In the school’s elective classes, you can work with things you are passionate or curious about – and speak a lot of Danish with the school’s Danish students in more informal settings.


What to expect
A lot of exciting classes with a specific focus and Danish language and culture:

  • Practical conversation and debating in Danish
  • Practise listening and understanding
  • Pronunciation
  • Written Danish and reading texts
  • Grammar
  • Danish Culture and Society class
  • Debate- debates on Danish and international themes in English
  • Meet Denmark – introduction to Danish society and culture in English
  • Lots of responsibilities and freedoms, a great community and exciting elective classes based on your interests.

See alle our current electives (in Danish) here. 

Why learn Danish at a folk high school?
The Danish folk high school is a part of the Danish democratic school tradition where the students very much create the school together along with the teachers. Classes will include teaching from the school’s skilled staff, but students must also be active participants in projects, conversations and debates with other students in the class, participate in group projects and be responsible for individual tasks and presentations. Look forward to a new experience of the concept of school at Kalø.

The most important thing is, however, that as an international students at Kalø Folk High School will be part of a large community which also include many Danish students. Therefore, language classes and introduction to Danish culture does not only take place during Danish classes. At Kalø, it is just as important getting to know Danish, Denmark and the danes while drinking evening coffee and enjoying a good conversation with one of the school’s Danish students – or taking a creative class during a special week, where international and Danish students join forces pursuing a special interest.

At Kalø Folk High School, you will live, learn and spend time with 60-70 other students. All students live and sleep in the school’s student houses, where you will share a kitchen and bathrooms. You can choose to share a room with one or two others - often Danish students – or pay extra for a single room. We share our meals in our nice community dining hall. The school’s staff are in charge of preparing delicious, primarily vegetarian meals, but as a student, you must also participate in cleaning, dishes and other practical duties in your house and in our common areas.

Read about Kalø Højskole in Scan Magazine here.

Everyday life
Classes at the school begin in the morning with a song and an assembly and then continue on with regular classes until about 3.30 pm – of course with breaks and meals throughout the day.

Evenings and weekends, you are free to plan as you wish as a student at Kalø. Here, you can participate in the social life with the other students, dive into your own projects or perhaps take a trip to Aarhus.

The real fun, exciting and cozy activities at the school, we organize together. Sometimes, the school’s teachers will be in charge of an activity, other times the students come up with ideas for social events. Perhaps you and some other students start a badminton club on Tuesday nights or initiate a talk about culture across languages and nationalities. Some evenings we snuggle up to watch a film, other times we go swimming in the sea close to Kalø. We wish that Kalø Folk High School will be YOUR folk high school.

Our community at Kalø Folk High School is one we create together, helping each other to do so. That is what’s so special about a Danish folk high school: we focus on social life, that everyone has their place in our community, and that you as a student have the freedom and responsibility to structure it.

One or two semesters?
As a students at Danish Language and Culture, you can choose to continue for an additional semester. You can continue with Danish Language and Culture on a more advanced level – or you can switch to one of our Danish main subjects where you will be taught exclusively in
Danish and have a great opportunity to develop your language skills while pursuing an interest. (This requires a sufficient level of Danish.)


The application process
The application process had different procedures depending on your place of origin.

1. You have a Danish citizenship.
You sign up using this form.

After signing up, you will receive a letter of confirmation and information on how to pay the admittance fee.

2. You are a citizen of a EU membership country.
You sign up using this form.

After signing up, you will receive a letter of confirmation and information on how to pay the admittance fee.

3. You do not have a Danish citizenship and live in a non-EU country.
You sign up using this form.

After signing up, you will receive a letter of confirmation and information on how to pay the full price of your stay. Once we have received your payment, we will help you initiate your visa application process with SIRI (Styrelsen for International Rekruttering og Integration.)

Please note that you are responsible for knowing the rules in place regarding your country. Once we have initiated the application process, you are responsible for the rest of the process.

The spring semester 2024 last 25 weeks and costs 46.250 DKK DKK ,- all inclusive
The autumn semester 2024 last 19 weeks and costs 36.350 DKK ,- all inclusive

At the end of each semester, it is possible to sign up for an extra travelling week at the price of 4.000 DKK. This is optional.

Additional cost of a single room is 300 DKK per week.

Do not hesitate to write to us at mail@kalohojskole.dk if you have further questions.