Are you interested in Denmark? Would you like to learn how to speak Danish or become even better at it? Are you interested in Danish culture and our way of life?

At Kalø Folk High School you can become a student in our popular class Danish Language and Culture and get to know Denmark, become part of an international community and develop a network in Denmark with our Danish students.

At Kalø Folk High School you can learn the Danish language at a level that suits you. We offer language classes for complete beginners who wish to learn Danish and also classes for those who know a little Danish, already, but who wish to improve their skills and become more confident and fluent.

Maybe you dream of living, working or studying in Denmark in the future? Maybe you have a dual citizenship and wish to do a semester at a folk high school to prove your connection to Denmark? Or maybe you are just curious about Danish culture and language – and the very unique Danish experience it is to stay at a folk high school.


At the school’s Danish Language and Culture class, we work with language in many different ways: We practice Danish conversation, pronunciation, listening skills and written Danish, focusing on reading and writing.

All this to make you a capable user of the Danish language who is able to communicate with your surroundings.

Experience Danish culture at first hand

As well as the language training, you as a student will be part of a number of cultural classes, introducing you to basic aspects of Danish culture. We will examine the Danish welfare society model, look at Danish traditions and try to grasp the Danish way of life- “hygge”, work/life balance, openness, gender equality and economics.

At the same time, you will experience Denmark as we visit Danish kindergardens and workplaces, travel to Danish cities and cultural landmarks, enjoy the Danish nature and many other things.

Create your own schedule

Finally, as a student at Kalø Folk High School, you will try your hand in a lot of different elective classes. Here you can choose between active outdoor classes, sports, creative classes focusing on painting, drawing and crafts, music classes, debate classes, writing workshops and film or literature societies.

In the school’s elective classes, you can work with things you are passionate or curious about – and speak a lot of Danish with the school’s Danish students in more informal settings.


The Danish folk high school is a part of the Danish democratic school tradition where the students very much create the school together along with the teachers.




A Folk High School is the perfect place to learn Danish language and culture. Here you live, eat, sleep and socialise with Danish students – and take part in creating a home for all of you for the period of your stay.



Sofie Dolmer

Sofie is one of the language teachers on DSK. With a background in Nordic Languages and Literature from Aarhus University, she is an expert in introducing our international students to the often difficult Danish language and grammar as well as the Scandinavian lifestyle. You will also meet Sofie in our ceramics and knitting classes.

Jennifer Apave

Jennifer is one of the teachers on DSK. She teaches danish culture, creative classes, sports and yoga. With Mauritian roots and coming from Canada, Jennifer knows all about meeting the Danes and the Danish language and culture for the first time. She has a background in international development from Aalborg University and lives in Rønde with her family.

Michael Kruse Nielsen
Michael underviser på Dannelsesrejsen, hvor kulturens og samfundets problemer sættes under debat - samt i højskolen Læs mere
Helene Aggerbeck Biering
Det kribler i Helene for at lære nye kulturer at kende og forstå, hvorfor mennesker tænker, som de gør. Derfor er h Læs mere

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